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the exultations of an exulting type

tales from the watchtower

you know he's a little bit dangerous

from up here we see a different view


1st May 2011

Cultural musings

from up here we see a different view
My reaction to Doctor Who, so far this season: :O followed by !!! and then some more :O

My reaction to Game of Thrones: :O :O :( :| :D!!! (Joffrey slap), :D!!!! (scenes with Tyrion), :O

I r smrt in my watchyness.

21st July 2005

Obligatory First Post.

from up here we see a different view
This LJ will contain stories, anecdotes, requests for advice and counsel relating to the work and professional development of a gay high school teacher currently employed in the Victorian state school system. Obviously due to personal and professional concerns, all entries will be friends locked, so if you wish to read this LJ, friend it, or comment here, and you'll be added back.

The LJ name is inspired by the example of Galileo Galilei, who tried, although not always succeeded, to be true to himself.
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